2013 School Investment Program

The 2013 School Investment Program goals include facility renovations and upgrades to provide CPS students with access to school environments that are welcoming. The upgrades and renovations include:

  • Warm: Boiler and mechanical system repairs as required;
  • Dry: Envelope and roof repairs, as required;
  • Cool: Air Conditioning in classrooms and necessary electrical upgrades, as required;
  • Secure: Door and hardware improvements as required;
  • Welcoming: Interior renovations, including painting, ceiling repairs and new markerboards and other finishes
  • Inclusive: Accessibility upgrades as required, for code and for program-specific clusters, including vertical transportation(elevators, lifts, etc.);
  • High-Tech: Wired and wireless technology upgrades;
  • Purpose-Built: Programmatic upgrades, including new or enhanced food service, laboratories (STEM, Media, Computer, Science), and libraries.

The PBC will deliver this Program via the Design/Build delivery method, a tool that contracts with one single entity responsible for both professional services and construction. This approach provides for single point of accountability and can generate material cost and time savings by having the professional services providers and construction contractors work directly together throughout the project.

The nearly 100 facilities located within three community zones, have been bundled into 17 discrete Projects based on geographical proximity and similarity of scope of work to be delivered.

The 17 successful teams approved at the PBC Board on May 14, 2013 reflect a remarkable level of lead minority and women owned business participation. Each team has committed to meeting or exceeding 30% minority owned business participation and 5% women owned business participation throughout the project delivery. More noteworthy, 100% of the successful design build teams have significant minority and woman owned business participation at the prime builder or design lead level. Further, each team has committed to reflect the diversity of the City of Chicago by meeting or exceeding workforce diversity goals, community and city residency hiring requirements in addition to hiring CPS students as interns for each project.

2013 School Investment Program

2013 School Investment Program Schools

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