Architect of Record Appointment Policy

On March 19, 2014, the PBC received 87 Letters of Interest and Qualifications (LIQ) from firms seeking to be included in the PBC's Architect of Record (AOR) Database.

The LIQs were solicited so that the PBC could have a uniform, accessible, current snapshot of firms interested in providing AOR services. The LIQ process allows firms to provide a firm profile of project experience by market and staff. The AOR Database includes each firm's experience and interest by market segment i.e. PreK-12 Education, Higher Education, Libraries, Parks & Recreation, Municipal, and Other).

Having completed the initial reviews and development of the AOR Database, the PBC is now accepting letters of interest and qualifications on a rolling basis from all architectural firms with relevant experience and qualifications. All interested firms are encouraged to submit LIQs. The submission requirements can be downloaded here.

AOR Selection Process

  • Shortlist Phase.

    For large commissions (where fee is estimated to be more than $250,000), the PBC's Managing Architect will recommend a shortlist 3 or more firms that, in the Managing Architect's professional judgment, are best suited for the project based on criteria including experience, capacity, design acumen and local/community knowledge.

  • Interview Phase

    Shortlisted firmed will receive an Invitation to Interview letter with project information, a description of the AOR appointment process, and a summary of the interview evaluation criteria. Prior to the interview, PBC will appoint an Evaluation Committee and establish project-specific weights for the Interview Criteria. An example of evaluation criteria and weights is as follows:

  • Key Staff and Team Organization Chart (40% of overall Score)
      1. Project Manager (20% of overall score)
      2. Other Key Staff (16% of overall score)
      3. Organization Chart (4% of overall score)

    Strategy to Meet or Exceed MBE/WBE Participation Goals (15% of overall score)

    Project Approach (45% of overall score)

      1. Design phase Staffing and Schedule (15% of overall score)
      2. Construction phase staffing and approach (15% of overall score)
      3. Approach to meeting PBC/Client goals (15% of overall score)
  • Selection Phase:

    During interviews, the Evaluation Committee individually scores the interview. Following all the interviews, the Evaluation Committee meets to review scoring and deliberate, culminating in a consensus, qualifications-based AOR recommendation.

  • Proposal Phase:

    A Request for Proposal is issued to the consensus AOR. As scope, staffing and fee are being negotiated; the PBC and the consensus AOR collaborate to establish the AOR's team of professional consultants, jointly interviewing prospective firms as required.

  • Appointment Phase:

    Following negotiation of the proposal (fee, scope, staffing, team composition), PBC staff will present a final recommendation to the Commission Board for approval.

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